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Software Solutions

Document Management Software

PaperVision® Enterprise is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software system that delivers any document, anywhere, at anytime. With easy-to-use search capabilities, users can locate information within seconds. PaperVision Enterprise features extensive security allowing administrators to control access to documents through multiple security levels.

PaperVision® Enterprise PDF

Production Level Capture Software

PaperVision® Capture is a best in class document imagine scanning software application that can be deployed in a single scanner department or in a high volume production environment. PaperVision® Capture is highly customizable and integrates with fax servers and multi-functional devices.

PaperVision® Capture PDF

Cloud Document Management Software

ImageSilo is a secure on-demand data storage system allowing companies to eliminate IT expenses. Information is accessible online in an instant form anywhere in the world. Featuring unlimited data storage, ImageSilo has multiple layers of security forall of its stored data. Designed to work effortlessly with Microsoft Office, ImageSilo supports more than 250 electronic file types, paper records, images, print streams and even email messages.

ImageSilo PDF

Rules Based Workflow Software

Papervision® Enterprise WorkFlow is the ultimate program for business process management. Using WorkFlow, businesses can create personalized business procedures with the ability to route all documents and work assignments to the appropriate users, while tracking the process. WorkFlow utilizes a simple graphic diagram for point-and-click control. Automated reports are created, allowing managers to identify bottlenecks and improve efficiency in real time.

PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow

Electronic Forms

Frevvo Live Forms are simple, fast and inexpensive forms that work with real business applications. Frevvo Live Forms can be embedded into an existing web site and are easily positioned to customers. Forms range from basic online membership and signup to more in-depth forms like client intake. Frevvo Live Forms can be personalized for size, sections, tabs and dynamic data.

Frevvo Live Forms PDF

Document Scanners

Fujitsu is an established leader in the document imaging market, featuring state-of-the-art document scanners.  Fujitsu scanners deliver speed, image quality, great paper handling and easy integration and compatibility with over 200 document imaging applications.

Fujitsu Scanners

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