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Scanning Services

High Volume Results

We are the largest private scanning company in New York State. We have a rapidly expanding and dedicated team allowing us the ability to scan 400,000 images and we currently key over 3.5 million key strokes per day. We meet any challenge presented by our customers, which range from Fortune 100 companies to New York State Government Agencies.

Quality Control

Focused Technologies always conducts 100% quality control reviews on our customer’s projects. The production process for each project is carefully developed based on our customers unique requirements and designed to optimize efficiency, but more importantly to minimize the risk of error. Quality control checks are conducted following each step of the process to ensure accuracy of the final product.


Focused Technologies has experience with easily setting up and operating an on-site scanning operation for our clients. Each client has their own special requirements and as industry experts, Focused Technologies always finds the most productive and time efficient plan to get the job done. We work on keeping the process quick, efficient and private to enable your infrastructure to continue without interruption.

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Inside Focused Technologies

Our Team