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About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2003, Focused Technologies is an entrepreneurial company that is one of New York’s largest private document imaging and document management companies. We have developed time and cost -saving technologies geared towards increasing efficiency for our customers. Focused Technologies does this through a solution-based alternative to paper sourcing. By blending our technical expertise, superior service and rapid support measures, we craft unique solutions to save, solve and decrease operational issues and inefficiencies with electronic document management and document imaging services. We meet any challenge presented by customers, which range from Fortune 500 companies to New York State Government Agencies.

NYS Preferred Source Program

Focused Technologies provides a full-range of document imaging solutions to New York State and local government agencies under the New York State Preferred Source Program. The list of provided services runs from a full range of scanning and document management options to allowing for detailed storage of documents for our clients. Focused Technologies does this through the Preferred Source Procurement program with the NYSID (New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc.).

Because we are a Corporate Partner of NYSID, purchasers can acquire these services and gain by simplifying storage and document scanning through:

  • A single source for document conversion services
  • Unique storage product offerings detailed to participating customers and vendors
  • Relief from costly, time-consuming documentation issues and delivery services
  • Competitive prices and enabled security measures for your core documents
  • Consistent quality and risk management oversight
  • Improved budget bottom-line and increased storage improvement options

Preferred Source purchasing satisfies government purchasers’ obligation to comply with the New York State Finance Law’s (NYS Finance Law Article 11, Section 162) mandatory requirement to purchase approved goods and services provided by people with disabilities. NYSIDs’ Members support individuals with disabilities in community rehabilitation programs throughout the state. These individuals gain marketable skills on NYSID contracts through productive jobs and wages that promote self-esteem and independence, leading to competitive employment.

In conjunction with this program, Focused Technologies is proudly partnered with Northeast Career Planning, a permanent placement company and a vocational workshop. All employees are trained under Focused Technologies guidance, with quality control standards to qualify as document conversion specialists.

NYSID jobs for people with disabilities lead to reduced public assistance costs as workers become economically independent and increased government tax revenues from employed vs. dependent individuals. We are proud to be a part of this program.

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